Hartland Organic Family Farm

Providing the Lake Country Area with sustainable, organically grown food from our family farm.


We are a farm that believes everyone should know their food

...know where and how it was grown, and enjoy the delicious results. We believe in providing fresh, nutritious, organic and locally grown produce year-round. We are are a farm that believes in the sustainable concept of community based food systems.

We are Hartland Organic Family Farm, LLC.

Spring/Summer of 2019 Update

If you are looking for a fantastic way to provide natural, nutrient rich fertilizer to your plants and garden, then our organically made worm castings are what you need! We appreciate the opportunity to sell our worm castings at Good Harvest Market in Pewaukee, one of the local businesses that works with us to complete the cycle of a community based food system. For the last three years, we have been picking up Good Harvest's food waste, composting it, and vermicomposting it into worm castings. Packed with microbial life, our worm castings make an excellent natural fertilizer for all your plants. Call us at 262.361.4012 to find out how you can feed your plants the way Mother Nature intended. These castings are organically made, as well as a natural, highly nutritious base in the growing medium for our micro greens and produce. Growing delicious food made from sustainable methods is what we work to do everyday, and we couldn't accomplish that without our fantastic worm castings.

We are still fortunate enough to sell our micro greens at Fresh and Green in Oconomowoc, and Fox Brothers Piggly Wiggly in Hartland. Tasty and fresh, our micro greens are grown using sustainable and organic methods. We appreciate the opportunity to work with Fresh and Green, as it is another one of the local businesses that works with us to complete the cycle of a community based food system. We also appreciate the opportunity to work with yet another fantastic local business in the Lake Country Area. Please head in to Fox Brothers' Piggly Wiggly in Hartland to get some of our micro greens, and support another great local grocery store!

Missing our spicy Red Rambo Radish? Wishing you could find it again? Please call us at 262.361.4012 to place an order for our speciality Red Rambo Radish shoots. Considered a delicacy, we will grow this zesty micro green in small batches when ordered. A spicy delight to add to any salad, sandwich, wrap or taco. Also makes an excellent addition to your favorite egg dish!

Looking for a local source that grows wheatgrass from organic seeds, in a sustainable growing medium? Well, then look no further, because you can find it here at HOFF! We will grow and sell freshly harvested wheatgrass by the ounce! Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, our wheatgrass is delicious when juiced. Add to your favorite smoothie or beverage, or just do wheatgrass shots to add a little health kick to your day! Buy a whole lot - our wheatgrass stays fresh for over two weeks in the fridge. Please call 262.361.4012 to place an order.