Hartland Organic Family Farm

Providing the Lake Country Area with sustainable, organically grown food from our family farm.


Our Mission

Our goal at Hartland Organic Family Farm is dedicated to contributing to the local community's food system with healthy, sustainably farmed, fresh food. Community based food systems are built around local businesses working together with a common goal to support each other and the community, while minimizing their impact on the environment. The system is based on a simple and sustainable process of our farm collecting clean, recyclable and biodegradable waste from a local business.

We take that waste and convert it into nutrient rich soil through vermicomposting. The vermicomposting process is a high carbon, low nitrogen combination that prevents any common issues found with recycling food waste. This recycling of biodegradable waste (i.e. fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds) cuts down on unnecessary waste in landfills while producing healthy and organically grown food for the community to enjoy. Customers can have the satisfaction of knowing that because our food is grown locally and year-round, it is economically reasonable as well as environmentally sound.