Hartland Organic Family Farm

Providing the Lake Country Area with sustainable, organically grown food from our family farm.


About Hartland Organic Family Farm

Hartland Organic Family Farm is a place with a plan to provide healthy food for the Lake Country Area. The plan: to contribute towards the "good food movement" by providing nourishment, knowledge and community enrichment through organic and sustainably grown food. This plan will be implemented using concepts we have adapted from Growing Power, Milwaukee's only urban farm.

The most essential aspect of any agricultural farm is the food that they produce. Our goal is to provide food that is grown organically, utilizing sustainable methods. Through this process we are providing delicious and nutritious produce on our farm. We have built hoop houses that operate from the electricity created by our solar panels. Heaters, fans, and water systems run year round that maintain products such as: varieties of baby lettuces, varieties of micro greens, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.

In the future, we want to incorporate an aquaponic system in a sustainably run greenhouse that can grow nasturtiums, watercress, perch and produce. We want to raise goats, and chickens to produce free range eggs. Our final product in the future is going to be our proudest, focusing on returning to a tradition that made Wisconsin famous: growing hops. We want to work with a small area, but with time grow to provide local breweries with a variety of organically grown hops to add to their beer.

A major aspect of our farm's plan is to provide an understanding of the benefits of eating organic, sustainable, and locally grown food. We want to provide education on the process as well as the products of our farm. We would also like to become a resource for those in the community to learn how to recycle their own food waste. Through these points of action consumers and cooperative businesses can gain an awareness of their impact on themselves and the environment through the food that they eat.

The final aspect of this plan we would like to continue to work and develop new relationships with local businesses and farmers. In developing these relationships we are strengthening local businesses and supporting each other to create sustainable community based food systems. A major goal of Hartland Organic Family Farm's plan would be to develop a local food policy council that would work with local farms and grocers to promote healthy food options within the community.

Through hard work and determination, Hartland Organic Family Farm is putting this plan to provide for the Lake Country Area into action. We are creating our soil and produce - the rest is on the way.